Curve Ahead

At this moment, across town in a dark and dirty office, lies a small hard drive with my entire photographic portfolio on it - as it struggles to come to life. Discovering this was the cherry on top of a week in which I accidentally deleted my entire photographic website. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

What Is Your Name Worth?

Here is the question: do you have a "good, honest name?" In movies, people shout "You will not besmirch my good honest name!" Is your name a "good, honest name?" Is mine?

Why I Love The Ol’ Irish Goodbye

What is the real reason people just disappear in the frustrating act known as the "Irish Goodbye"? From origin to personal rationalizations, I explore the habit I am guilty of far too often.

24 Blocks in PB

I still conveniently forget that closer to the shore is a rip-roarin' good time; with all the accompanying weirdness. In my 24 block hike, again in four-inch heels I witnessed the following:

The Sheets

er eyes were closed but she could tell it was daylight. She turned her head away from the window, trying to hold on to the darkness a little longer. Her …