The Runaway Lives

I flee. I ride off into the sunset at three in the afternoon to skip the afternoon rush hour leading to the sunset. I have important things to do at home. There is something on the stove I need to attend to. Did I tell you I was expecting a call? Gee, you know, I'm really worn

Her, Me & We

Do you have different sides to your personality? Do you have separate parts of yourself you only share with certain people? Well, then you know just what I mean with Her, Me & We.

Curve Ahead

At this moment, across town in a dark and dirty office, lies a small hard drive with my entire photographic portfolio on it - as it struggles to come to life. Discovering this was the cherry on top of a week in which I accidentally deleted my entire photographic website. Is the universe trying to tell me something?

What Is Your Name Worth?

Here is the question: do you have a "good, honest name?" In movies, people shout "You will not besmirch my good honest name!" Is your name a "good, honest name?" Is mine?