Going Down – An Inspirational Tale

My gym has a movie room. Maybe ten machines ranging from stair machines to stationary bikes, are set up facing the wall on which they play whatever movie the employees are willing to volunteer. (At least that is how it’s been explained to me. I really wish whoever keeps bringing in Napolean Dynamite would leave.) Regardless, my gym has a movie room and that is how I ended up watching The Aviator recently.

Drenched with sweat, panting like an ape, and barely paying attention to the movie, I watched Leonardo Di Caprio struggle through potential bankruptcy and pressure. At dinner with a competitor one night the opponent said: “Do you wanna go down in history as the guy that screwed this up?” And that was when it hit me…

I’m not going down in history.

I have zero chance of going down in history. And I’m totally ok with that. No one is watching. No one is paying attention. Despite my fanciful imagination, I do not have an audience. I’m not featured in magazines. I’m not on red carpets. No cameras are watching.

NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION!! And no one is paying attention to you either.

So, this is my message for those that need to hear it:

Run your race.
No one is watching.
No one is paying attention.
You are not going down in history.
You are a blip.
There is no deadline.
There is no expectation.
Live your life.
Run your race.
No one is watching.

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